Are you the sort of person who has some of the following characteristics: overly compliant, avoids risks and novelty, excessively plans ahead, struggles to connect with others, feels unappreciated, or struggles to relax and be playful? If “yes,” you might benefit from Radical Openness Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. RO DBT can help you learn how to be:

  1. Receptive and open
  2. Flexible
  3. Socially Connected

Radical Openness- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, also referred to as RO DBT, is a new evidence-based treatment for patients with emotional over-control. “Self-control” is usually seen as a good thing, but too much self-control can cause difficulties. Excessive self-control is associated with social isolation and poor interpersonal relations. Excessive self-control can cause emotional loneliness and contributes to conditions like anorexia nervosa, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, persistent anxiety and chronic depression.

What are the components of RO DBT?

RO DBT is comprised of four components, which are delivered over an average of 30 weeks. The four components are:

  1. Weekly individual therapy (50 minutes)
  2. Weekly skills training class (90 minutes for adults and 50 minutes for adolescents)
  3. Telephone consultations (optional)
  4. Therapist participation in RO DBT consultation meetings

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